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Apply up to one year in advance

You need to reapply using your PASSID, which you got either on your Global card or from your approval letter.

We create a new security profile for you before you can get to your original application.

You can continue to use the Global kiosks for 12 months providing you have submitted a renewal application.


There’s no getting away from the Global Traveler interview!
It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, everyone has to attend an interview.

Once the government have finished their background checks they will decide if you are a low-threat traveler or not. If you’ve listed any convictions or criminal charges on your application, you’re unlikely to get approved – even if the charges have been expunged. Similarly, if you’ve ever committed any immigration or custom’s offences, you’re unlikely to be accepted onto the program.

Interviews last 30 minutes and take place at  at one of the official enrollment centers located all over the USA as well as in Canada and at other international destinations. 


Photo ID: facial recognition technology can recognize you every time you approach the Global kiosk.

Document verification: we tell you which documents to take to interview.

Iris scanning: look into a machine for a picture detailing the intricacies of your iris.

Fingerprint scanning: no ink is involved, and the process is totally risk-free

The Application Process

Complete the application form and pay our fee via PayPal.

We create your secure profile.

We carefully check your application and email you for any missing information.

We provide free application submission to the TTP database.

We pay the government fee using the card listed on your application form.

We email you instructions on how to access your application in the government database.

You receive an email notifying you of a status change – if you are Conditionally Approved you must schedule an interview.

Attend the compulsory interview at the enrollment center you chose, get approved.

Receive your Global Pass in the post. Activate your card. Start using the Global kiosks.


Expedite the immigration & customs lines on arrival




Membership benefits:

Get home from a long trip faster

Use the fast lane in the passport control hall

Get 5 years membership for a one-off fee

Use your PASSID to fast track security and expedite your departure

What’s Changed With The Renewal Process?

The way you applied for Global Entrance last time has changed. You will need to reapply using your PASSID, which you got either on your Global Pass or from your approval letter. This makes it sound like renewing your Global Pass is a walk in the park, right? Sadly, it’s not that easy. The US government is working tirelessly to keep our country safe from both external and internal threats. To this end, they have made the application process more secure and this means it takes more time.

Now when you reapply, you have to create a new security profile be fore you can get to your original application. We can do all of this for you and speed up the renewal process.

If your membership runs out before you get approval for the next 5 years don’t worry! You can continue to use the Global kiosks for 12 months providing you have submitted a renewal application.

Using the Government Directly

The government will not acknowledge receipt of your application so you will never be sure if you are in the system or not

The government will not pre-check your application to ensure the information you submit is correct before filing

The government will not answer your questions in a timely manner – it takes over two weeks to answer questions

The government only offers general guidelines, not advice specific to your case

The government online system is full of jargon and is not easy to follow

The government online system is prone to periods of downtime

The government will not monitor the status of your application

The government only send one email when you application status changes – this often goes to your spam folder

The government will not assist with your interview scheduling



All approved!
Very quick service on your side.
Many thanks!

Simon Robertson

Cape Coral, Florida

The Best

Thank you so much!
You are the best!!

Vaishnavi Patel

Durham, North Carolina

Much Appreciated

Thanks a million for your help I really appreciate it. Finally got my appointment thanks to you.

Sominoa Norman

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About the service we provide

As we said, we’re not the government and we are not affiliated with any government agency. We comprehensively check and process your application for you. This means that we set up the complicated secure login process on the government site, which saves you lots of time. We also submit your application to the government database and offer assistance throughout the application process. You won’t get this assistance from the government.

We aim to save you time and stress with government procedures. We provide email help and we aim to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, we cannot influence or speed up your application process.

The benefits of using our service

Fast, secure, online application form

Highest standards of data security

We take care of the lengthy government login process

We make sure that all your data is in order

We submit your application for free to the government

We answer all your questions

We provide you with your login profile and instructions

We delete all your personal data from our system within 31 days

We can help you schedule or rearrange your interview

Getting a refund

If you’re not happy with the service that we provide all you have to do is reach out and ask for a refund.

Just send us an email with your name and the word ’refund’ in the header and we’ll get straight onto it.

We will refund your service fee payment in 24 hours via our payment provider.

It’s the fastest way to get your money back.

If you make a dispute or chargeback, you’ll be waiting 14 days to get a result.

Be mindful that we cannot refund the government fee of $100.00

Reach out if you want to ask for a refund: