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Expedite the immigration & customs lines on arrival




The Benefits

Maximizing your chances of approval

Get 5 years membership for a one-off fee

Access the fast lane in the passport control hall


If your employees regularly travel due to the nature of their jobs, you’re probably aware of how managing their travel plans can quickly turn into a challenge and a difficult business situation. While Global Entry and other Trusted Traveler programs bring numerous benefits for both business owners and the employees, applying for them typically adds another layer of bureaucracy to your existing plans. 

However, instead of missing out on all the fantastic traits Global Entry brings to your business – you can opt for our service that takes the application process off your schedule. 

As experienced specialists in Global Entry application assistance, we make sure that every application submitted by you or your employees has the highest possible chance of being approved. Our service requires a minimum contribution from you. 

You must apply to join the program before you can use the kiosks and the application process with us or the government can take up to 6 months. Once the government agency has your form, they will carry out strict background checks to make sure that you have not violated any immigration, customs, or police enforcement laws.

Please keep in mind that we do not resell applications, and you’ll still have to pay the application fee for the US government.​

We offer B2B solutions that allow your employees to access our exclusive Global Entry for Business, as a service.

We sincerely value your time, and we’re more than happy to take over the management of a lengthy application process.


Membership includes TSA Pre

Once the Global Entry application is approved, your employees can use their membership number to book their flights. They’ll need to enter their PASSID number into the field asking for a Known Traveler Number. When your employee checks in for a flight, the ticket should show they can use the priority pre-screen lanes at the security. These lanes allow them to reach the gate much faster because they won’t need to take off their shoes, belts, or jackets or take laptops and liquid bags out of hand luggage.

Register for fast entry into Mexico

If your employees frequently cross the Mexico-US land border, they can start using the SENTRI lanes to reach their destination faster.

An applicant must register their vehicle onto the program and attend an interview on the Mexican border.

The interviews may take up to a year to schedule, so please be mindful of this if you decide to apply.

About Our Service

We’re not the government, we just make the application process fast and easier!

Complete an application form

Our form was designed to make your application process fast and simple. Fill out your employee’s details, and let us do the rest. After submitting the form to the government, we’ll make sure your employee’s data is deleted.

Pay our service fee

Our fee of $154.99 is payable as a one-off payment via our secure payment processor. It covers our assistance with the application process, accuracy checking, and the communication between the customers and us via emails. You will also need to pay a $100 fee per application directly to the government.

We check your application for missing info

As specialists in the Low Risk Traveler Program support, we make sure that every application sent for your employee stands the very best chance of being approved by the government. We will reach out to you if we notice any missing or incorrect information.

We submit your application

When you apply using our service, we conduct strict checks on the information you send to ensure nothing is missing. Then once everything is in order, we submit your application to the government for free.

You’ll receive your secure login info.

We’ll set up a profile for your employee and conduct a thorough review of the application.


If your application is conditionally approved and you’re having problems finding an interview date, you can turn up at one of the enrollment centers inside the arrival hall. Most large US airports have this facility. When you land, follow the signs to the CBP office where an agent will conduct your interview.

You need to have all of your passports with you (if you have more than one nationality) plus proof of your current address like an up-to-date driver’s license or a mortgage contract. If you’re a permanent resident, you need to bring your card along too.

Renewal applicants can now interview online via Zoom. 



Your service saved my time and nerves while applying for my Global Entry membership renewal. Truly took the weight off my shoulders.

Simon Robertson

Cape Coral, Florida

The Best

As a first-time applicant for Global Entry, I was very excited to get a hold of all the benefits it provides. I ran across your website and left the application process in your hands. My membership was approved after the first application. Thank you!

Vaishnavi Patel

Durham, North Carolina

Much Appreciated

I hesitated to apply for the Global Entry program because I was already handling my employees’ flight schedules, and adding an extra layer of bureaucracy felt discouraging. Your B2B service has made our lives so much easier and our travels carefree.

Sominoa Norman

Oxnard, California

A disclaimer regarding our service

As stated earlier, we’re not the government, and we are not affiliated with any government agency. We comprehensively check and process your application for you. This means that we set up the complicated secure login process on the government site, which saves you lots of time. 

We also submit your application to the government database and offer assistance throughout the application process. You won’t get this assistance from the government.

We aim to save you time and stress with government procedures. We provide email help, and we strive to answer your questions within 24 hours.

The benefits of using our service

Fast, secure, online application form

Highest standards of data security

We take care of the lengthy government login process

We make sure that all your data is in order

We submit your application to the government for free

We answer all your questions

We provide you with your login profile and instructions

All your data is deleted from our system within 31 days

We can help you schedule or rearrange your interview

Getting a refund

If you’re not happy with the service we provide, all you have to do is reach out and ask for a refund.

Send us an email with your name and the word ’refund’ in the header, and we’ll get straight onto it.

We will refund your service fee payment in 24 hours via our payment provider.

It’s the fastest way to get your money back.

If you make a dispute or chargeback, you’ll be waiting 14 days to get a result.

Be mindful that we cannot refund the government fee of $100.00

Lastly, we will delete your application from our database within 24 hours from receiving your cancellation.

Reach out if you want to ask for a refund: